Why is OneDPO better than OneTrust and BigID?

OneTrust and BigID are excellent compliance platforms for privacy teams. They help privacy teams automate compliance processes to meet regulatory requirements. However, security teams have a much more complex problem – protecting data from actual privacy violations and breaches. As a result, they need more profound insights into data and data protection risks. OneDPO analyzes your enterprise data and its context to give you visibility into your data security and privacy posture. In addition to identifying data protection problems, our platform recommends actions to reduce your data protection risks.

The following table summarizes the key advantages of OneDPO.

Customer ProblemFeaturesOneDPOOneTrustBigID
We don’t have visibility into our enterprise data
What data do we have?
Data inventory (Sensitive/ personal data)
Who has access to it?
Who is using it?
Where are our breach and data privacy risks?
Find breach risks
Find privacy risks
Find privacy risks in user activities
Prioritize high-risk data, and activities
How to reduce data protection risks?
Find and reduce stale data
Find excessive access
Track purpose for the data use
Collect privacy metadata such as consent, geolocation, retention

The above summary is based on publicly available information as of 5/11/2021. For any corrections or changes, please contact us at help@onedpo.com.