The Best Alternative

Here is a quick comparison of vs. oneDPO. Try OneDPO for free to understand why oneDPO is a great alternative to OneDPO offers privacy features, superior technology, the latest AI/ML models, privacy risk identification, and a simple user experience. OneDPO delivers features that matter the most at a significantly lower cost.
Data discovery
AI-based PII scanning
Extend PII Scanning with regex
Support for cloud data lakes
Support Office 365
Support on-premises databases
Central customer-id
Collect metadata
Breach risks insights
Crossborder risks
Data minimization
Risk prioritization
Audit excessive access controls
Analyze data activities
DPIA workflowIn Progress
Vendor risk assessment
Breach ManagementIn Progress
Cookie Consent
Consent Governance

(Not a comprehensive list. The list reflects information as of Dec 2020.)

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