The Best BigId Alternative

Here is a quick comparison of BigID vs. oneDPO. Try OneDPO for free to understand why oneDPO is a great alternative to BigId. OneDPO offers privacy features, superior technology, the latest AI/ML models, privacy risk identification, and a simple user experience. OneDPO delivers features that matter the most at a significantly lower cost.

Data discovery
AI-based PII scanning
Extend PII Scanning with regex
Support for cloud data lakes
Support Office 365
Support on-premises databases
Collect metadata
Find data owner
Breach risks insights
Crossborder risks
Data minimization
Risk prioritization
Audit excessive access controls
Analyze data activities
DPIA workflowIn Progress
Central customer-id
Integration with OneTrust, TrustArcIn Progress
Integration with Alation, Collibra
Consent Governance

(Not a comprehensive list. The list reflects information as of Dec 2020.)

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