We bring privacy engineering and artificial intelligence to help today’s complex organizations

Process-based privacy tools don’t address real risks. We apply technology to identify real privacy risks and actionable insights, reducing your work 10-100 times.

Identify, Reduce, and Prevent Data Protection Incidents 


PurposeGraph significantly reduces privacy and security risks!


Our patent-pending technology goes beyond data mapping. It applies artificial intelligence to uncover real privacy risks.

Process + Privacy Engineering

Privacy engineering augmented with machine learning can enrich your understanding of privacy and security risks

Deep Intelligence

Builds deep intelligence by connecting three important factors – the data, its use, and the intended purpose behind the use.


Designed to handle any large volume of data. Our platform can scale as your data grows


Automatically scans and identifies personal data. Updates the data inventory and metadata

Apply artificial intelligence to analyze the massive volume of data and millions of data activities to identify risks


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Purpose Based Privacy Audit and Monitoring

PurposeGraph radically improves data privacy by auditing who is using the data and validating the purpose behind their use. The only solution that looks into the purpose behind the data use.

Your Privacy Platform

One source of truth of your risks

Visualize and monitor high-risk data assets, users, and purposes at a glance with our dashboard. Understand privacy compliance risks based on overall access insights and exceptions  

Connect to your data, wherever it resides

Using prebuilt integrations, you can connect with many applications and start retrieving data across internal and external applications in a few minutes.

Turn-key deployment (Containerized)

Our platform offers standardized deployment and integrations to simplify deployment, configuration, and management. Our platform is designed for easy deployment and scaling. It can be deployed and managed via Kubernetes.

Handles a large volume of data

oneDPO is designed and tested to handle a large volume of requests and personal data from various applications.

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