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Automate Privacy Compliance for Work-From-Home Workers

Automate Privacy Compliance for Work-From-Home Workers Coronavirus is on everyone’s mind. Many people are working from home. The work-from-home scenario presents some privacy implications related to: Communication, Devices, Policies and Procedures, Security, and Accountability and Auditing. Businesses will have to build new compliance muscle with work-from-home workers. The appropriate automation must be used to keep…
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ABC’s of Privacy This Week – March 4, 2020

Applause ·     UK explains the approach to data adequacy in post-Brexit negotiations The UK government published its official position on several post-Brexit negotiations with the EU, including its approach to data adequacy. The government ingeminated its intention to have an independent data protection policy after the one-year transition period. In the transition period, there…
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Data Purpose Can Make All the Difference

Associating data with a business purpose and not a commercial purpose can permit greater data sharing, and avoid the application of the CCPA altogether.  What is the difference between a business purpose and a commercial purpose under the CCPA and why is it important?  In short, the difference is one of what realm of things…
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