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ABC’s of Privacy This Week-April 29,2020

Applause • EDPB adopts COVID-19 guidance on health data processing and Geo-location According to recent reports, the European Data Protection Board has released guidelines on health data processing for research purposes and using Geo-location and other tracking mechanisms to combat COVID-19.The guidelines address the legal basis for processing, cross-border data transfers, safeguards for data subject…
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ABC’s of Privacy This Week – March 4, 2020

Applause ·     UK explains the approach to data adequacy in post-Brexit negotiations The UK government published its official position on several post-Brexit negotiations with the EU, including its approach to data adequacy. The government ingeminated its intention to have an independent data protection policy after the one-year transition period. In the transition period, there…
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Why Email Shouldn’t be Used to Manage DSARs

Data Subjects Access Requests (DSARs) have been on the rise since the European Commission gave the nod to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). There are many things to consider when your company receives a DSAR, including verifying the requestor’s identity, reviewing the information requested, and redacting any information related to other people.  However, one…
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