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PurposeGraph – Our technology is the differentiator

Traditionally, companies start with data inventory and get overwhelmed with complexity. Instead of applying brute force, OneDPO (www.onedpo.com) uses AI to build deep intelligence on enterprise data and the data environment. We use intelligence and privacy engineering to uncover and prioritize data protection risks. 

OneDPO’s PurposeGraph analyzes all aspects of data – the data, its use, controls, and purpose behind the data use. PurposeGraph helps you reduce data privacy issues and breach risks efficiently.

How do we deliver a market-leading privacy platform?

We hide the technical complexity and surface simple workflows. Under the hood, we use privacy engineering and AI to uncover privacy risks across any data ecosystem.

Scan for Personal Data

Uses AI to scan and identify personal data across various data sources. Automatically updates the data inventory and metadata.

Apply User Analytics

Analyzes user analytics to understand how data is used in an organization. Uses data access privileges to estimate the security posture.

Uncover Risks

Applies machine learning augmented with privacy engineering to identify breach risks and data privacy vulnerabilities.  

Our technology simplifies data protection

Designed for Enterprise

We offer peace of mind with our secure and scalable solution that can be integrated and deployed across your entire organization.


Our scalable technology stack can be deployed and scaled easily across any cloud infrastructure.


We use all the latest industry standards in security: password enforcement, 2-step verification, SAML SSO, and SSL.


Runs a lightweight process to read metadata and logs. It neither impacts performance nor hinders regular data use.


Runs on-premises or on the cloud. Integrate with other internal systems (e.g., Active Directory) and data sources

Don’t spread your budget thin!

Without the right insights, companies waste their data protection budget by focusing on unimportant problems. DPOs and CISOs will get better results by focusing their limited resources on the riskiest data assets and activities. PurposeGraph identifies the data assets, users, and activities that hold the highest risk.


Connect to your data, wherever it resides

Using prebuilt integrations, you can connect with cloud or on-premises data sources in a few minutes.


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