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Data protection at scale – Embrace privacy engineering and artificial intelligence

oneDPO’s PurposeGraph builds deep intelligence on your data and how it is used. Uses the intelligence to deliver data-driven insights that simplify your data protection.

Stop spreading your budget thin!

Organizations waste most of their budget by spreading it thinly across many data assets. Chief Data Officers (CDOs) and DPOs will see better ROI by focusing on a small number of data assets. The Question is where to focus?

Our platform uses intelligence to help you focus on a specific set of items. PurposeGraph technology identifies the data assets, users, and activities that hold the highest risk.

Leverage our technology to simplify your data protection!

AI + Privacy Engineering

Identify Risks

Machine learning augmented with privacy engineering can identify data protection vulnerabilities.

Quantify Risks

Estimate risks associated with data assets, users, and activities

Data Mapping

Automatically scans and identifies personal data. Updates the data inventory and metadata

Connect to your data, wherever it resides

Using prebuilt integrations, you can connect with cloud or on-premises data sources in a few minutes.


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Designed for Enterprise 

We offer peace of mind with our secure and scalable solution that can be integrated and deployed across your entire organization.


Our scalable technology stack can be deployed and scaled easily across any cloud infrastructure.


We use all the latest industry standards in security: password enforcement, 2-step verification, SAML SSO, and SSL.

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