Continous Privacy Audit and Enforcement Based on Purpose

Only Tool That Can Identify Hidden Privacy Risks!


Identify, Reduce and Prevent Data Privacy Violations. 


PurposeGraph significantly reduces privacy and security risks!

PurposeGraph – Purpose Based Privacy Audit and Enforcement

As data moves within and outside your organization, you want the data to be used in the right way and avoid privacy violations. But you don’t have a way to check the right use. PurposeGraph radically improves data privacy by auditing who is using the data and validating the purpose behind their use. Our data governance platform helps companies like yours to govern enterprise data better. 

PurposeGraph audits and regulates data access based on purpose (the why) behind the data. f the intended purpose is not one of the approved purposes, it flags those activities as risks.

Apply AI to Identify Your Real Risks

Purpose Graph

Build deep intelligence by connecting three important factors – the data, its use and the intended purpose behind the use. Using this intelligence, PurposeGraph audits the intended purpose behind data access and sharing activities. If the intended purpose is not one of the approved purposes, it flags those activities as risks.

Process + Privacy Engineering

Machine learning augmented with organizational knowledge can enrich your understanding of your data 

Business Context

Understand the data relationships, data lineage, and flow based on data access


Designed to handle any large volume of data. Our platform can scale as your data grows


Automatically scans and identifies personal data. Updates the data inventory and metadata

Upgrade Your Data Governance.


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Write Policies Once and Enforce them Automatically

Author Policies

Using manual processes to manage and enforce policies is slow, complex, and error-prone. Our platform significantly reduces human intervention needed in managing and enforcing policies. You write your policies as simple rules in our platform.

Company-wide Policies

Compliance managers can create company-wide policies to enforce privacy across the organization. 

Effective Policy

When multiple policies apply to a single data source, our engine computes the effective policy based on policy type, scope, and effective date

Track Exceptions

Compliance managers and data owners can create policy exceptions for special projects (e.g. fraud analysis). You have one place to audit all policy exceptions and assess your risk


As new data protection policies emerge, you can change the definition of personal data across the company by updating in one place

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Automate Governance

Governance is not just a one-time setup. PurposeGraph can help you design and run an on-going program

You need process engineering and privacy engineering to handle data volume, variety, and velocity.


As new laws emerge, our solution is extensible to accommodate new requirements

The Right Level of Complexity

Uses process and privacy engineering to balance the speed of data access vs. appropriate processes to be compliant

Simple to Maintain

Simple to add, remove, and modify users, data sources, and data patterns.Easy to add and modify new policies and processes.


Scans and automatically updates data structures, data sources and data maps

Designed for Enterprise IT Manageability 

Your Privacy and Security is Our Top Priority

oneDPO is designed to meet large enterprise needs. We offer peace of mind with our secure and scalable solution that can be integrated and deployed across your entire organization.

Cloud or On-premises

Our scalable technology stack can be deployed on any infrastructure of your choice: on-premises, private, or public cloud (AWS, Azure or GCP).


We use all the latest industry standards in security: password enforcement, 2-step verification, SAML SSO, and SSL.

Handle Big Data

oneDPO is designed and tested to handle a large volume of requests and personal data from various applications.


Using prebuilt integrations, you can connect with many data sources (e.g. Hive, Presto, HBase, Popular Relational DBs) across data lakes and data warehouses.

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Streamline internal access requests

One Place to Authorize Access

Enjoy the power of oneDPO’s request management solution loaded with the right features.

Internal cross-organization process

Enable complex internal processes and collaboration needed across the organization. oneDPO comes with a flexible workflow setup.

Request workflow

Handle approvals, exceptions, and notifications to increase transparency and reduce errors.


Have productive conversations with your end-customers and internal employees regarding requests.

Assign tasks

Assign and track tasks across the organization.

Better Accountability and Greater Visibility

Real-time, 100% visibility

Up-to-date information on who is accessing and sharing data across your company. Importantly, you can see why – the intended use behind the use

One source of truth of your risks

Visualize and monitor high-risk data assets, users and purposes at a glance with our dashboard. Understand privacy compliance risks based on overall access insights and exceptions  

Control over your data

You can control how enterprise data is used and shared.  

Connect to your data, wherever it resides

Using prebuilt integrations, you can connect with many applications and start retrieving data across internal and external applications in a few minutes.

Compelling cost savings

Eliminate redundant manual steps and reduce wasteful processes coordination using oneDPO workflows.

Turn-key deployment (Containerized)

Our platform offers standardized deployment and integrations to simplify deployment, configuration, and management. Our platform is designed for easy deployment and scaling. It can be deployed and managed via Kubernetes.

Handles a large volume of data

oneDPO is designed and tested to handle a large volume of requests and personal data from various applications.


We understand every organization follows unique processes for handling internal access requests, and our software allows you to create workflows that fit and evolve with your team.

Improve accountability

oneDPO drives greater transparency and improves accountability in the request handling process, bringing clarity to your overall organization.

Vendor assessments

Speed up and automate your vendor assessments. Drill down into data-sharing activities with a vendor and audit the business purpose behind those activities.

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