oneDPO Purpose-Based-Privacy Pilot


Get the most advanced privacy platform 

Reduce privacy risk and occurrence of data incidents with purpose-based-privacy access.  oneDPO enables greater control over your data and its use. You can track, audit, and regulate the use of data.

Understand who is using data for what purpose
Accelerate required privacy governance and compliance
Avoid regulatory fines and penalties
Reduce third-party risks. Remove deal blockers


Your privacy risk is in ‘the purpose’ for which your organization uses consumer data

Go beyond data inventory

oneDPO offers a fundamentally different approach to tackle privacy and security risks. Unlike other products that tackle symptoms, we address the core of the problem by tracking ‘the why’ – the purpose behind data assets.

Data access and sharing based on the purpose

Today, companies authorize data usage based on role and they don’t track the purpose behind usage. With our platform, companies can track the purpose behind data and enable access for only those using the data for the approved purposes. By authorizing and tracking the purpose behind data use, companies can significantly reduce unintended usage and privacy incidents.

Records for internal audit and regulators

Moreover, oneDPO can automate complex privacy requirements. With the privacy laws, companies have to maintain Records of Processing Activity (RoPAs) to make sure data is processed for the right purposes. Currently, companies don’t have an automated trail of the purposes behind processing activities. Hence, they run many parallel manual processes to generate RoPAs. oneDPO documents the purpose behind every activity (collection, use, access, share). The documentation demonstrates that personal information was used for the indicated purposes. Companies can use oneDPO’s audit and reports for RoPAs, avoiding many manual steps.

Track provenance to personal information

In addition to avoiding risks, the platform can help companies manage risks by giving visibility into their data processing activities. For example, companies can track provenance to personal information – where did it come from and for what purpose? What is it used for? Who is accessing it? How is it being processed? How and where is it stored?

Low-risk participation. 

OneDPO doesn’t modify your data or metadata or user access. 

Easy to deploy or uninstall.

Technical Requirements:

Data stored in a data warehouse or Azure Data Lake or AWS


OneDPO’s platform integrates with existing data warehouses with minimal disruption to the existing processes.  Our goal is to deliver working tools and processes through an agile engagement that involves customer (business) participation. 



The standard version of the application can be deployed and integrated in one week 


On-ramp and customization

OneDPO allows metered ramping up so teams can add data assets to oneDPO at a pace that suits them. Customization can be iterated on a weekly cadence.


Final deliverable

The final deliverable is high quality automated, AI-enhanced, reliable implementation of purpose in privacy for all the data warehouses.

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