Personal Data Sample | Download Personal Data for Testing

QA team often needs realistic datasets with personal data for testing. Using real personal data for testing will result in a privacy violation and poses a security risk. However, finding a good sample testing data is hard. Here are some commonly needed sample datasets and PII data examples for downloading and testing.

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France Passport NumberSample France Passport Numbers
German Passport NumberSample German Passport Numbers
Australia Medical Account Number Sample Australia Medical Account Number
Brazil National IDSample Brazil National ID
Brazil CPF NumberSample Brazil CPF Number
India Unique Identification (Aadhaar) NumberSample India Unique Identification (Aadhaar) Number
Indian PAN NumberSample Indian PAN NumberNumber
Belgium National NumberSample Belgium National Number
China Resident Identity Card (PRC) NumberSample China Resident Identity Card (PRC) Number
Thai Population Identification NumberSample Thai Population Identification Number
Taiwan Resident Certificate Sample Taiwan Resident Certificate
Taiwan National IdSample Taiwan National Id
New Zealand Ministry of Health NumberSample New Zealand Ministry of Health Number
South Africa Identification NumberSample South Africa Identification Number
South Korea Resident NumberSample South Korea Resident Number
Japan Residence Card NumberSample Japan Residence Card Number
Norway Identification NumberSample Norway Identification Number
Japan Social Insurance NumberSample Japan Social Insurance Number
Japan Resident Registration NumberSample Japan Resident Registration Number
Japan Passport NumberSample Japan Passport Number
Japan Driver License NumberSample Japan Driver License Number
Croatia OIB NumberSample Croatia OIB Number
Denmark Personal Identification NumberSample Denmark Personal Identification Number
Croatia Identity NumberSample Croatia Identity Number
Singapore National Registration NumberSample Singapore National Registration Number
France National Id CardSample France National Id Card
Sweden Passport NumberSample Sweden Passport Number
Netherlands Citizen’s Service (BSN) NumberSample Netherlands Citizen’s Service Number
Portugal Citizen Card NumberSamplePortugal Citizen Card Number
Saudi Arabia National IDSampleSaudi Arabia National ID
Australia Driver License NumberSample Australia Driver License Number
UK Electoral Roll NumberSample UK Electoral Roll Number
Israel National IDSample Israel National ID
Canada Social Insurance NumberSample Canada Social Insurance Number
Canada Health Service NumberSample Canada Health Service Number
Australia Bank Account NumberSample Australia Bank Account Number
Argentina National Identity NumberSample Argentina National Identity Number
Australia Tax File NumberSample Australia Tax File Number
Australia Passport NumberSample Australia Passport Number
Credit Card NumberSample Credit Card Number
Japan Passport Number Sample Japan Passport Number
Canada Passport Number Sample Canada Passport Number
Turkish National IDSample Turkish National Id
Finland Passport NumberSample Finland Passport Number
Finland National IdSample Finland National Id
EU Debit Card NumberSample EU Debit Card Number
Ireland Personal Public Service (PPS) NumberSample Ireland Personal Public Service (PPS) Number
U.S. Individual TaxPayer Identification Number (ITIN)Sample U.S. Individual TaxPayer Identification Number (ITIN)
Malaysia Identification Card NumberSample Malaysia Identification Card Number
Australia Bank Account NumberSample Australia Bank Account Number
Israel Bank Account NumberSample Israel Bank Account Number
Poland Passport NumberSample Poland Passport Number
Philippines Unified Multi-Purpose Identification NumberSample Philippines Unified Multi-Purpose Identification Number
Japan Driver’s License NumberSample Japan Driver’s License Number
Japan Residence Card NumberSample Japan Residence Card Number
Japan resident registration numberSample Japan resident registration number
Brazil Legal Entity Number (CNPJ)Sample Brazil Legal Entity Number (CNPJ)
Croatia Personal Identification (OIB) NumberSample Croatia Personal Identification (OIB) Number
Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) numberSample Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) number
Hong Kong Identity Card (HKID) NumberSample Hong Kong Identity Card (HKID) Number
Singapore National Registration Identity Card (NRIC) NumberSample Singapore National Registration Identity Card (NRIC) Number
Chile Identity Card NumberSample Chile Identity Card Number
Canada PHINSample Canada PHIN
Greece National ID CardSample Greece National ID Card
Canada Driver’s License NumberSample Canada Driver’s License Numbe
Taiwan passport numberSample Taiwan passport number
New Zealand Ministry of Health NumberSample New Zealand Ministry of Health Number
Poland Identity CardSample Poland Identity Card
Czech Personal Identity NumberCzech Personal Identity Number
U.K. National Insurance Number (NINO)U.K. National Insurance Number (NINO)
EU Driver’s License NumberEU Driver’s License Number
U.S. Social Security Number (SSN)U.S. Social Security Number (SSN)