Manage your data security posture

Your data environments are more complex and massive than you believe

Businesses underestimate the magnitude of their enterprise data and the complexity of their data environment. In most organizations, data is scattered across 1000s of databases and millions of files. Moreover, activities on enterprise data activities spread across employees and partners outside the organization.

Data mapping can’t determine your data security posture

Scanning for personal data is a good first step. However, 90% of the penalties are caused by data use activities and a lack of proper controls. Data discovery tools don’t look into activities and controls. OneDPO analyzes data, activities on the data, and controls to fully understand your risks. It provides the reliable visibility that you need to protect data better.

Data breach risks remain undetected 

Delivering data privacy and security in this complex environment becomes a multifaceted problem. Without proper visibility and audits, data protection issues remain hidden till a major breach or a privacy incident happens.

Security teams need reliable answers to the following questions to understand data security posture.
– What personal data do we have?
– Who has access to it?
– Who is using the data?

Technology behind our data security posture management

Under the hood, we use privacy engineering and AI to build intelligence and uncover privacy risks across any data ecosystem. We hide the technical complexity and surface simple workflows.


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