Data Privacy and Security at Scale

oneDPO’s PurposeGraph scans your data lakes and analyzes millions of activities to identify privacy and security issues. Our solution goes beyond data mapping, it identifies actionable issues.


Identify, Reduce, and Prevent Data Privacy Violations


Data Mapping – Identify Sensitive Data

PurposeGraph reads the metadata to identify data tables stored  in data lakes and data warehouses. We apply machine learning to identify sensitive data. 


Data Minimization

Analyzes and identifies a list of data assets that are not used. Shows a list of data assets that can be archived to reduce the attack surface.


Identify Non-compliant Data Activities

PurposeGraph is the only solution that checks the purpose
behind the data use. It monitors millions of data access activities and the purpose behind those activities to flag any wrongful use
of data.


Gain visbility into your data protection risks. Prevent expensive violations

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Reduce Attack Surface

Many large data lakes have data assets without proper access controls. PurposeGraph audits and flags vulnerabilities in access control. Lists all data assets that have too broad access or incomplete access controls.


Remove Stale User Privileges

Users often change roles or even move outside the company but their accounts continue to retain access privileges, posing significant security risks. Our solution shows inactive users and users with inactive access privileges


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Automate Compliance

Privacy compliance is not just a one-time effort. PurposeGraph can help you design and run an on-going program


Provides automatic steps to monitor, evaluate, and verify compliance of user activities on your data lakes.

Simplify DPIA

Our algorithm helps customers to identify data owners for data assets. Privacy managers can collect critical metadata to complete risk assessments.

Audit Trail

Creates an audit trail of who accessed what data. Also, you can track the history of who approved the data use.


Auditors can drill down to
individual activities and produce the right record of processing activities for regulators.


Easy to Add or Remove

Requires read-only access. Can be easily added or removed

Connect to your data on the cloud or on-premises

Using prebuilt integrations, you can connect to your cloud data lakes and on-premises data warehouses

Designed for big data

Designed and tested to handle a large volume of requests and personal data from various applications.

Turn-key deployment (Containerized / Kubernetes)

Our platform offers standardized deployment and integrations for easy deployment and scaling. It can be deployed and managed via Kubernetes.

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Apply AI to Identify Your Real Risks

Implement Privacy Design

Build deep intelligence by connecting three important factors – the data, its use and the intended purpose behind the use. Using this intelligence, PurposeGraph audits the intended purpose behind data access and sharing activities. If the intended purpose is not one of the approved purposes, it flags those activities as risks.

Privacy Engineering

Machine learning augmented with organizational knowledge can enrich your understanding of your data 

Purpose Limitation

Restrict the use of personal
information to the purposes consented by the individual
or purposes required by law. Alert users who are using
data for purposes that are not allowed.


Designed to handle any large volume of data. Our platform can scale as your data grows


Automatically scans and identifies personal data. Updates the data inventory and metadata

Easy Enterprise IT Manageability 

Born on the Cloud. Runs On-premises

oneDPO is designed to meet large enterprise needs. We offer peace of mind with our secure and scalable solution that can be integrated and deployed across your entire organization.

Cloud or On-premises

Our scalable technology stack can be deployed on any infrastructure of your choice: on-premises, private, or public cloud (AWS, Azure or GCP).


We use all the latest industry standards in security: password enforcement, 2-step verification, SAML SSO, and SSL.

IAM -Active Directory

oneDPO integrates with Active Directory, Azure AD and other popular IAM


Using prebuilt integrations, you can connect with many data sources (e.g. Hive, Presto, HBase, Popular Relational DBs) across data lakes and data warehouses.

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