Category: Privacy Engineering

Obstacles to Privacy Engineering

What are the Obstacles for Privacy Engineering?

Author: Ethan Heilig    Users ought to have a say in the way their data is used and protected. The GDPR, CCPA, and New York Privacy bill attempts to improve transparency and give consumers a seat at the table. While these laws have good intentions, they do not address the incentives that make rigorous data transparency…
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Steps and tools to protect your personal information

Necessary Steps and Tools to Protect Your Personal Information Online

Author: Ethan Heilig Privacy is vital to the vast majority of individuals. Very few people would prefer less privacy to more, but people continue to grant access to their personal information. In many cases, this occurs because people do not understand the privacy agreement and are unaware of the tools available to help them minimize…
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Google’s Project Nightingale Sparks Privacy Concerns

First Fitbit, now Project Nightingale Two weeks ago, Google had announced the plan to buy Fitbit for $2.1 billion. Citing privacy concerns, many users have already started to look out for alternatives as a safer option than their Fitbit. Now in a recent development, a whistle-blower has brought Google’s Project Nightingale into the limelight. What…
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Privacy Enigineering

Privacy Engineering: What is Privacy Engineering? Why is it important?

The host of the morning show Good Day Philadelphia, Karen Hepp, is suing Facebook, Reddit and several other websites for salacious content after her image, taken by a surveillance camera at a convenience store in New York, was misused in advertisements displayed on these sites. In her plaint filed in early September 2019, she stated…
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