Prevent Breaches and Privacy Violations

OneDPO’s data intelligence platform helps companies prevent breaches, avoid privacy violations, and reduce costs.

OneDPO automates complex steps to eliminate privacy and breach incidents

At OneDPO, we apply technology to automate the following complex steps to automate privacy for your organization. Discovers personal data: Applies AI/ML to find personal data across your organization Scans controls and activities: Analyzes activity logs and access controls to find who has access and who is using the data Locates issues and gaps: Uses…
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Top Big Data Security tips

A massive amount of data is being collected every day. Every business that has ever existed online has collected customer data. This data streams from a range of smart devices interconnected as the IoT (Internet of Things). Computer capacities are growing worldwide, so the amount of data is also increasing exponentially; as the number of…
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Big Data Privacy And Security Challenges Post COVID

The IDC (International Data Corporation) has declared that a rise in global IT expenditure may go down by 3 to 4% in 2020. The horrible scenario created after the outbreak of COVID19 is the primary cause behind this minor drop.  The pandemic may end soon but will have its disastrous effect left for long in…
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ABC’s of Privacy This Week-April 29,2020

Applause • EDPB adopts COVID-19 guidance on health data processing and Geo-location According to recent reports, the European Data Protection Board has released guidelines on health data processing for research purposes and using Geo-location and other tracking mechanisms to combat COVID-19.The guidelines address the legal basis for processing, cross-border data transfers, safeguards for data subject…
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Reasons to map and track your data

Why to Track and Map Your Organizational Data?

By 2020, the total digital data generated annually is expected to reach 44 zettabytes approximately. Companies want to ensure that the customer data they collect is put to the best possible use. This blog provides the reasons to track and map consumer data. Why is It Important for Organizations to Map the Data? Organizations must…
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Risks to Be Considered When Responding to DSAR

Magnacrest, a Buckinghamshire-based housing developer, was fined for failure to comply with data subject access requests. This incident serves as a fresh reminder for businesses about the public’s right to review all the personal data that gets processed. While the Magnacrest investigation predated the General Data Protection Regulation and resulted in a small fine, the Information Commissioner’s…
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Is Fitbit Users’ Data Safe With Google?

Google Acquires Fitbit Alphabet, Google’s parent company announced on Friday that it is acquiring San-Francisco based smartwatch maker Fitbit for $2.1 billion. Fitbit, the pioneer in wearable technology, has also issued a statement that Google was paying $7.35 per share in cash. Fitbit offers a variety of smartwatches that can send messages, make calls as…
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ABC’s of Privacy This Week – 30th Oct 2019

Welcome to our weekly privacy newsletter to read the latest privacy-related news from across the globe. We classify our weekly privacy newsletter into three parts namely Applause, Breaches and Current News (ABC’s) of Privacy news. For any feedback on our weekly newsletter, please feel free to send your comments to Applause Mastercard Launches Data Responsibility Imperative Programme…
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