Automate Privacy Compliance for Work-From-Home Workers

Automate Privacy Compliance for Work-From-Home Workers Coronavirus is on everyone’s mind. Many people are working from home. The work-from-home scenario presents some privacy implications related to: Communication, Devices, Policies and Procedures, Security, and Accountability and Auditing. Businesses will have to build new compliance muscle with work-from-home workers. The appropriate automation must be used to keep…
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Data Protection Checklist for Employers – Enable Working From Home

COVID-19 has impacted business operations across the globe forcing many companies to work remotely. Working remotely has huge data privacy and security implications. We have created a basic checklist that will help employers to protect their data as employees work from home. This global pandemic could remain a threat for a prolonged period of time.…
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Reasons to map and track your data

Why to Track and Map Your Organizational Data?

By 2020, the total digital data generated annually is expected to reach 44 zettabytes approximately. Companies want to ensure that the customer data they collect is put to the best possible use. This blog provides the reasons to track and map consumer data. Why is It Important for Organizations to Map the Data? Organizations must…
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Data Mapping | Best Practices to Follow in Data Mapping

What is Data Mapping? Modern enterprises collect a huge volume of data from a variety of sources and use the data through complex interactions across the organization. The organization can’t analyze, transform, share, and derive valuable insights unless they have a common understanding of the data. Data Mapping is the process of establishing relationships between…
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How to Establish Privacy Principles Within an Organization

Author: Ethan Heilig Collecting, using, and deleting personal data has recently been the subject of increased political and social scrutiny. Data collection has been at the centre of everything, from congressional hearings to Netflix documentaries. One result of this increased scrutiny is that the E.U. enacted the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which took effect…
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Privacy Enigineering

Privacy Engineering: What is Privacy Engineering? Why is it important?

Table of Contents Introduction Importance of Privacy Engineering Degree in Privacy Engineering Privacy Engineering – Top Jobs Privacy Engineering Framework The host of the morning show Good Day Philadelphia, Karen Hepp, is suing Facebook, Reddit, and several other websites for salacious content after her image, taken by a surveillance camera at a convenience store in…
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