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Prevent Breaches and Privacy Violations

OneDPO’s data intelligence platform helps companies prevent breaches, avoid privacy violations, and reduce costs.

What is Minimum Viable Architecture? Why is it important?

Companies have traditionally taken a waterfall-style approach In the process of defining and designing software architecture. Every detail within the development lifecycle is accounted for much before a line of code is written. Though effective, this model has proven unreliable as it is exceedingly slow and thus not suitable for today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape. …
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Delivering Good Data Governance – Key Considerations

 With the current data economy, organizations want to enable ubiquitous data for their workforce. Growing privacy regulations and increasing data security threats influence how you enable and govern your organization’s data. Figuring out the right data governance model is, therefore, something that organizations have to get right. At its simplest form, data governance aims to…
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What You Should Know About DPA vs. GDPR

Anyone with even a minor internet presence is bound to have come across the term privacy laws or GDPR or both. Long story short, GDPR is the European Union’s strict policies aimed at protecting the privacy of an EU citizen. The EU has a strong track record of protecting an individual’s rights, especially privacy.  Implemented…
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OneDPO automates complex steps to eliminate privacy and breach incidents

At OneDPO, we apply technology to automate the following complex steps to automate privacy for your organization. Discovers personal data: Applies AI/ML to find personal data across your organization Scans controls and activities: Analyzes activity logs and access controls to find who has access and who is using the data Locates issues and gaps: Uses…
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Data Governance Best Practices

Data governance has become essential to enable and protect data in today’s data-driven organizations. As three Vs of data – volume, variety, and velocity – continue to grow, data governance has become complex. Here are some of the factors that can help you launch and run a successful data governance program. Privacy, Security, and Compliance…
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Privacy Engineer Salary – How Much Do Privacy Engineers Earn?

We looked at major hiring platforms to survey the salary range for privacy engineers. We found two types of job categories. These salary numbers are in USD and reflect salaries in the US only as of Dec 2020. Privacy Engineer Role and Responsibilities: Implementation and maintenance of information security systems and processes Third-party security and…
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What Are Standard Contractual Clauses (SCC)? How Has Schrems II Impacted Them?

One of the most complex problems in the current data landscape is sharing data between organizations and government bodies and exporting data to foreign countries. The GDPR imposes restrictions on sharing personal data with countries outside of the European Economic Area, which are unlikely to enforce globally accepted norms and best data privacy and security…
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India’s Personal Data Protection Bill (PDP) vs. GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has become a benchmark of personal data regulation and protection. GDPR addresses a comprehensive list of existing and potential issues regarding data; hence it is widely assumed as the working standard for data regulation. In fact, it has been used as a template for other countries striving to create…
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Privacy Wishlist  – Changes From the New Biden Administration

When it comes to data privacy, the US lags many years behind the EU. Protecting privacy requires a full-hearted push from the top. The progress depends mainly on the new US administration by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Will they bring the necessary changes to protect personal data? If they do, here is a wish…
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