Best DSAR Software for Ecommerce

At oneDPO, we help DPOs handle Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs) at scale. The below points highlight why oneDPO is the #1 DSAR software for ecommerce.


Can Handle Complex Requests Involving Third Party Vendors


Can Handle Large Volumes of Customer Data


Helps in Maintaining a Clear Audit Log of Requests and Actions


Easier to Maintain and Delete Personal Information


Building a Transparent Data Inventory to Understand the Types of Information Collected From the Users


Interactive Dashboard to Visualize and Monitor Metrics


Secured Transmission of Data to the Data Subjects


Provides DPOs With Ultimate Control and Visibility Over DSAR Handling Process


Technology Solution to Your Business Process


Helps in Priority Management

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oneDPO offers the best features and integrations to handle GDPR and CCPA data subject access requests (DSARs).


How oneDPO Helps With DSRs


Provides an interactive dashboard to track the progress of the tickets and the number of days remaining to the deadline.


Ability to generate records and helps in providing accurate metrics to the regulators in times of audit.


Generates accurate detailed reports, Tracks key metrics, KPIs and identify trends on request volume, velocity, team performance, bottlenecks. 


Our encryption allows only the DPOs to view the end-to-end data. Analysts, vendors, contractors and teams have an extra security layer where they can’t view other entities data. You can also easily involve sub-processors in your request handling workflow.


To handle millions of requests which come from multiple sources, standardized email formats and customizable request Intake forms are provided for the customers.


A well protected security archive system is provided which helps in preventing sensitive data leaks.

Streamline DSAR request processing, integrate with other applications, automate PII lookup, meet regulations, and save millions!


What is oneDPO?

oneDPO is a data subject access request management platform that streamlines the complex processes needed to herd data and approvals across any organization. oneDPO offers a request management portal, workflows, features to validate requestors, and hundreds of ways to integrate with internal and external applications. oneDPO gives DPOs like you complete visibility and control over data subject request processing.

Request Portal

We offer end-to-end tools to capture DSAR requests through a web form, validate the requestor’s identity, assign work items, securely transmit the data back to the data subjects, and maintain records for regulators.


100s of Ways to Integrate 

oneDPO comes with many prebuilt integrations that help you automate the lookup and retrieval of personal data across cloud-based apps and internal on-premise systems. Enable complex workflows using oneDPO’s API orchestrator.


Enterprise Security

Our solution offers enterprise-grade security and provides options to keep data on-premises. DSARs run the risk of data leaks; oneDPO helps you to insert request verification, manual reviews, data processing and de-identification steps to prevent those data leaks.


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Pre-built modules for speed and flexibility

Solve common DSAR problems

Multiple users might have the same name, and thus a process for any requests “to be forgotten” must be in place to verify that the data for the correct user is deleted while leaving the data for the others intact. Similarly, DPOs have to verify the response to any “right to access” requests to ensure the right personal data is delivered to the right person.

Verify identity

Verify the data to ensure that you are sharing the right personal data with the right person.

Prevent data leak

DSARs can result in data leaks. oneDPO helps you to insert request verification, manual reviews, data processing and de-identification steps to prevent data leaks.

Eliminate errors

Intead of manual steps, companies can leverage oneDPO’s workflows to  automate DSAR processing. oneDPO could dramatically reduce error and improve productivity.

Limit spam

Uses CAPTCHA to limit spams.

Automate your request process

Set workflow

Take full control of data subject access request workflows. Enjoy the power of oneDPO’s request management solution loaded with the right features.

Internal cross-organization process

Enable complex internal processes and collaboration needed across the organization. oneDPO comes with a flexible workflow setup.

Request workflow

Handle approvals, exceptions, and notifications to increase transparency and reduce errors.


Have productive conversations with your end-customers and internal employees regarding requests.

Assign tasks

Assign and track tasks across the organization.

Offers enterprise IT manageability and security features

Designed for enterprise 

oneDPO is designed to meet large enterprise needs. We offer peace of mind with our secure and scalable solution that can be integrated and deployed across your entire organization.


Our scalable technology stack can be deployed on-premises or on the cloud.


We use all the latest industry standards in security: password enforcement, 2-step verification, SAML SSO, and SSL.

Data ownership

All the personal data and metadata related to DSARs can be stored securely on any infrastructure of your choice: on-premises, private or public cloud.

Hundreds of integrations

We offer many prebuilt integrations including Microsoft Office, Salesforce, Slack, Google Docs, and options to integrate internally, and we continue to add new integrations.

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