What is Sensitive Data Discovery? How to Pick the Right Tool for Sensitive Data Discovery?

Massive amounts of sensitive data are accessed and stored by organizations and corporates across the spectrum. As a result, sensitive data discovery becomes vital for businesses in today’s data-driven environment.  In addition to maintaining their data, businesses need to ensure that all their sensitive data is secure at all times. Data security is particularly crucial…
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Snowflake Security Best Practices

Snowflake is one of the most popular cloud-based data warehousing platforms currently available. Offered in a Software-as-a-Service or SaaS model, Snowflake takes advantage of unique architecture and full support for ANSI SQL to provide unmatched features and functionality for companies seeking a versatile data platform. Migrating to Snowflake can bring many benefits to businesses of…
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Big Data’s Purpose and How it Impacts Privacy Management

Big data is a term used to describe large amounts of data- organized, semi-organized, or unstructured- that can be mined for data and used in machine learning.  Big data is frequently portrayed by the 3Vs: the extraordinary volume of data, the wide variety of data types and the velocity at which the data must be…
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Cloud migration – best practices to protect data

Cloud technology is not the future; it is the present. Therefore, you must know the basic best practices as you begin your data migration to the cloud.  Segregate & classify data Create industry and business-based data classification rules. Identify all the places your data is located to determine the level of sensitiveness of each dataset. Categorizing…
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Migrating to the Cloud – Data concerns

Three out of four organizations use some form of cloud association. Not only that but, 69% of enterprise organizations are currently migrating their data to the cloud. However, many companies are also fearful of what migration means for their company, trade secrets, client information, and data. Some of the top challenges of migrating to the…
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Why data security will skyrocket the careers of CISOs

Data security has emerged as one of the most critical problems of the decade. Moreover, the pandemic has driven up data safety concerns. Hence most organizations are evaluating their security posture and implementing measures to protect data better. As a result, data security provides a fantastic opportunity for security officers to demonstrate their strong leadership…
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Top 10 questions to understand evolving roles of Enterprise Architects post-COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic has served to cause massive disruption across various industries. Businesses worldwide have had to deal with the ground realities of this new normal and have responded with varying degrees of success. Some companies have been forced to close down, while others have had to move exclusively to a work-from-home model. Now, in…
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Prevent Breaches and Privacy Violations

OneDPO’s data intelligence platform helps companies prevent breaches, avoid privacy violations, and reduce costs.

What is Minimum Viable Architecture? Why is it important?

Companies have traditionally taken a waterfall-style approach In the process of defining and designing software architecture. Every detail within the development lifecycle is accounted for much before a line of code is written. Though effective, this model has proven unreliable as it is exceedingly slow and thus not suitable for today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape. …
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Delivering Good Data Governance – Key Considerations

 With the current data economy, organizations want to enable ubiquitous data for their workforce. Growing privacy regulations and increasing data security threats influence how you enable and govern your organization’s data. Figuring out the right data governance model is, therefore, something that organizations have to get right. At its simplest form, data governance aims to…
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