Protect the right data
and eliminate the excess


Help organizations achieve healthier data posture

Enterprise data has grown into an uncontrollable beast, threatening to ruin customer trust and consumer privacy. We are excited to help organizations improve their data security and privacy posture – protect the right data while eliminating excess data.


Reimagining data protection

Most companies firefight security breaches and privacy violations regularly. Constantly reacting to threats is the wrong approach. Instead, we need to get ahead, take back control, and secure our data from the source. Hence we decided to reinvent data protection and deliver it at scale. We don’t just look at data. At OneDPO, we get behind the data to see what is in it, who has access to it, and how they use it.

Teamwork is everything

We’re a close-knit team, and we’ve worked on enterprise data, AI, security, and privacy engineering with massive companies across the globe. We’re excited to apply our knowledge to create a tech-driven solution to data protection.

Amar Kanagaraj, CEO and founder, started as a developer at Sun and then led product management for Microsoft Search & AI. He is a serial entrepreneur in tech, having co-founded FileCloud. He has an MBA from Carnegie Mellon and MS from LSU.

Baskaran, CTO, has worked for Apple for 20 years and watched it grow to the world’s most valuable brand, working across data engineering, data warehousing technology, and privacy engineering.

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