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Privacy Engineering for a Better World!

At oneDPO, we apply privacy engineering to address privacy the right way.

Traditionally, solutions approach privacy from a process and compliance angle. We take an engineering approach to privacy.

Our Approach

Let’s make an impact!


Deeply Understand Our Customers 


Help Our Customers Achieve Their Goals and Potential


Create Significant Value for Our Customers

Our Commitment: “Make Data Protection Officers (DPOs) the Heroes!”

Data Protection Officers (DPOs) have one of the hardest jobs in the modern world. They drive many initiatives to meet complex regulations and propel cultural change within a company while often facing resistance across the organization. At oneDPO, we help our customers – the Data Protection Officers (DPOs) – meet their complex goals. Our software solutions make DPOs the heroes who protect consumer privacy and create long-term value for their shareholders and for the world.

Time for Privacy Engineering

More data was generated in the last two years than in the entire human history before. Data privacy needs attention before it is too late.


Amar Kanagaraj

Prior to oneDPO, Amar was a co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at FileCloud, a successful enterprise content collaboration startup that consecutively won Gartner’s customer choice awards and named as one of the fastest-growing startups in Austin, TX. He started his career as a developer at Sun Microsystems. Later, at Booz & Co, he worked on growth strategies for many well-known consumer brands. His longest stint was at Microsoft, where he led product management and strategic planning for Bing. Amar has an MBA degree from Carnegie Mellon, MS from Louisiana State University (Geaux Tigers!) and B.E from Guindy engineering college, Anna University.

Santa Clara, CA

Bangalore, India