ABC’s of Privacy This Week – 16th Oct 2019

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Researchers rolling out privacy-preserving AI learning system for medical analysis

Researchers from Nvidia and King’s College London are debuting a new methodology for training neural networks that involve large quantities of high-quality data. Federated learning is used to train the datasets in multiple iterations at different sites rather than data from a single location.

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Federal US privacy bill gains support of House Democrats

DelBene’s privacy proposal has obtained support from a majority of the U.S. House Democrats members. The bill would allow consumers to opt-out of the collection, storage and sharing of their data. It would require companies to get consumer approval for any use of sensitive data such as financial or health information and oblige companies to furnish “plain language” privacy policies.

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Cyberattacks target nearly half of small businesses

Small businesses continue to experience the consequences of cyberattacks. They are advised by experts to adopt a list of strategies for combating cyber threats. But at the same time, attackers are getting more smarter, attacks are occurring faster.

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Hacker accessed financial info of 37K TransUnion Canada customers

TransUnion Canada, one of the biggest credit reporting agencies in the world, has reported some consumer credit files in Canada may have been accessed without authorization through the fraudulent use of a legitimate customer’s login credentials. Letters from TransUnion Canada have been going to possibly affected Canadians since mid-September. 

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Alberta hospital employees illicitly accessed 2K patient records

An internal investigation has found more than two thousand patient electronic health records were accessed without permission at the Red Deer Regional Hospital Centre (RDRHC). The majority belonged to emergency patients. More than 30 staff members were found to be involved in this breach.

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Current News

Brazil to create a single citizen database

The Brazilian government is planning to create a single citizen database, which is to be shared across public departments. It is expected to contain a wide range of personal information about the country’s population of over 200 million people. The objectives of the database include the improvement in public policy, as well as simplifying data sharing between government departments.

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Facebook plans to make money off of Libra

Facebook is currently working on an app called Libra, a sort of a wallet that can tightly integrate with the likes of WhatsApp and Messenger. Facebook will be able to see which people or businesses you’ve transacted with, through their apps. This might result in a loss of data privacy.

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