AI-Powered Privacy Risk Monitoring for Big Data

Uncover, Quantify, and Prioritize Privacy Risks

oneDPO's PurposeGraph applies privacy engineering and artificial intelligence to discover critical privacy vulnerabilities and recommends actions to reduce your privacy risk exposure.

Monitor Data and Use

Discover Privacy & Security Risks

Search and build a data inventory of sensitive data across big data sources.  Identify privacy and security risks by analyzing the data, its use, and the reason behind the use. 

Prioritize Risks

Identify the Right Issues

Quantify privacy risks and identify critical privacy vulnerabilities. Track high-risk assets, data use and users.

Address Critical Issues

Improve Privacy Posture

Track the purpose for collecting and using data (Purpose Limitation). Identify data assets that can be archived (Data Minimization). Reduce the attack surface by identifying users and data with broad access privileges (Security).

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Avoid Busywork. Work on the Right Data Privacy Risks

Data mapping tools overwhelm you with busywork. PurposeGraph uses artificial intelligence and data analytics to surface critical issues and recommends actions. 

Continuously Monitor for Privacy and Security Risks 

Data protection issues are hard to detect, especially in big data environments. Undetected, these issues result in major privacy violations and compliance issues. PurposeGraph identifies hard-to-detect privacy and security risks in a massive volume of data.

24/7 Compliance Audit and Monitoring

100% Visibility

See what data assets are used for what purpose by who


Monitor emerging privacy risks and prevent before incidents occur

Quantify Risks

Our machine learning models quantify your risks so that you can prioritize the critical issues

Audit/ Assessment Reports

Automates risk assessments and impact assessments DPIAs at a granular level

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Embrace Privacy Engineering and Artificial Intelligence to Quantify Risks

PurposeGraph develops a deep intelligence on how your organization uses data by connecting different dimensions – the data, the users, the data use, and the reason behind the use. It uses intelligence to identify privacy and security risks.


Analyzes ‘the what’ – your data sources and its content. 

THE WHO: Users and Usage

Ingests ‘the who’ – data usage patterns and access privileges 

THE WHY: Purpose Behind the Use

Maps the purpose why the data was collected and the reason behind data use.

Quantifies Privacy Risks

Measures individual privacy risks for data assets and data use. You can sort data assets and activities based on a computed risk score

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Key Features

Data Inventory – Catalog and Intelligence

Gain visibility into your data and who is using the data. More importantly, the purpose for which the data is being used.

Automatic Monitoring

Automatically scans and updates the changes in data structures, data content, and usage.

Risk Score – Track Your Progress

We compute a risk score that quantifies the risks in your data. Use the risk score to track your progress towards lowering your company’s privacy risks.

Uncover Risks

Identify privacy risks at various levels – from global data source level to individual data activity level. 


Monitor potential compliance violations. Maintain a proper audit trail and reports for auditing. Auditors can track the history of approvals, activities and purpose behind the activities.


Privacy managers can drill down to individual activities and produce a record of processing activities for regulators and internal auditors.

Identify Data Owners

Identifying the right owner for data assets is a complex task. In many cases, it takes months to map data owners. PurposeGraph uses AI and process to identify the right owner faster.

Insights and Reports

Delivers insights on stale data assets, which could increase your security risk exposure. Lists all the users who have wide access privileges. Classifies data use into various risk categories

Data Use Request Workflows

Set up a process to collect, review, approve and expire data use requests

Integrates with Enterprise Infrastructure

Run on-premises or on the cloud. Integrate with other internal systems (e.g. Active Directory) and data sources

Scalable Architecture

Simple to add, remove and modify users, data sources, and data patterns.  Extensible to accommodate new regulations


Runs a lightweight process to read metadata and logs. It neither impacts performance nor hinders regular data use. You can easily add or remove our solution from your infrastructure.

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