Find breach risks and privacy issues across your data, data use, and access controls

10-100 times more efficient

Did you know 80-90% of enterprise data is likely never used? And only a tiny 1% portion of data and activities pose 99% of the privacy issues and breach risks? Our solution finds these unused stale data, high-risk data, and other data protection problems.

Don’t let the complexity of enterprise data overwhelm you. Our data intelligence platform understands your data environment to cut complexity and protect data efficiently.

Find personal data and risks

Applies machine learning and privacy engineering to find personal data, stale data, inactive users, insider risks, breach risks, and users with excessive access.

Prevent incidents and penalties

Continuously monitors data, activities, and access controls to uncover risks early.

Meet compliance requirements

Offers workflows on data, activities, and users to meet compliance – DSAR, ROPA, and breach notification requirements

Prevent breaches and privacy incidents

Policies and processes alone can’t prevent breaches and privacy incidents. Our platform automatically learns about your complex data environment. It uncovers hidden breach risks and privacy issues to prevent incidents.

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Get visibility across data sources

Any given time, your privacy and security teams will have complete visibility into what personal data your organization holds, who has access to it, and who is using it.

Connect to cloud / on-premises data sources

Find privacy and breach risks

Applies a variety of AI and privacy engineering techniques to surface data protection issues – breach risks, privacy issues, cross-border data transfer, excessive access privileges.

Find stale data, minimize data

Identify unused data that can be deleted or minimized, reducing the risk and cost. Find inactive user accounts or accounts with excessive access that are more vulnerable to breaches.

Uncover issues early

Monitors data lakes and other data sources to identify data protection risks. Prioritizes data protection risks based on likelihood and impact

Automate privacy compliance


Audit trail

Maintain an audit trail of who used what data for what purpose


Automate data rights requests (DSAR)

Find individuals’ data to answer data subject requests


Breach notification

In case of a breach, know which users were impacted and be notified

Simplify data privacy

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Inducted to National Center of Excellence

Finalist – The Most Innovative Product 2020

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Additional Features

Data Inventory / Catalog

Gain visibility into your data and who is using the data. More importantly, the purpose for which the data is being used.

Identify Cross-border Activities

OneDPO automatically flags cross-border activities based on the geography of the data subject and location of the processing activities.

Data Minimization

Delivers insights on unused data assets that could be archived or deleted. Improves your risk posture

Identify Data Owners

Identifying the right owner for data assets is a complex task. In many cases, it takes months to map data owners. We use AI to identify the right owner faster.

Audit Trail

Monitor potential compliance violations. oneDPO maintains a proper audit trail, processing activities, and reports for auditing. 

Minutes to Deploy

Simple to add, remove, and modify data sources. You can easily add or remove our solution from your infrastructure.


Runs a lightweight process to read metadata and logs. It neither impacts performance nor hinders regular data use.

Integrates with Enterprise Infrastructure

Runs on-premises or on the cloud. Integrate with other internal systems (e.g., Active Directory) and data sources