Purpose Based Privacy

Map and Track 'The Why' Behind your Data

OneDPO platform helps businesses map, govern, and audit enterprise data based on 'the why' - the purpose behind the data and its use. Our privacy-by-design approach reduces privacy risks significantly, streamlines data sharing, simplifies PIAs and unblocks partner deals.

Build Data Map / Intelligence

Identify and map sensitive data residing across all data sources/ data lakes. Document the legitimate purpose (‘the why’) for collecting and storing data assets. Generate a detailed access map of who is using what data for what purpose.

Enable Purpose Based Access 

Run a streamline process to approve internal data access, and external data sharing. Control data access and sharing based on the purpose (‘the why’)

Map Privacy Risks

  Using the map, the privacy managers can audit if data assets are being used with appropriate consent or legitimate reasons. oneDPO’s detail data access map automates DPIA and highlights any potential risk of misuse.

Data Governance Fabric

One platform to orchestrate your governance

To build effective governance, you need to understand your data. oneDPO’s data intelligence layer maps your data sources and builds the right intelligence about your data sets. Using our policy layer, you can create cross-company policies or data source specific policies to enforce security and governance. Finally, our orchestration layer uses the intelligence and the policies to enable or mask data.


oneDPO’s Data Governance Fabric – A Quick Overview

Why do customers seek oneDPO?  

Wrangle Complex DataSources

We have a complex data infrastructure with 100s of data sources. We want to regulate who has access to what. We want to implement the right process to streamline access.”

Purpose Based Access Control

“We want to limit access to our employees based on the content of the data but we don’t have a good inventory of our data assets and personal data. Moreover, we don’t have a way to limit access at a granular data level.”

Blacklist – Share Partial Data

“Part of our business, we share data with many of our partners. With CCPA, customers might opt for ‘Do not share’. How can we make sure we don’t share their data with partners?”

Complete Data Subject Requests 

“When we get delete requests from data subjects, we don’t have confidence in what data can be safely deleted. Similarly, for access requests, how can we be sure if we are sharing the right data?”

Build ‘Privacy By Design’ Culture

“Even after training, employees direct ask developers to pull data which includes customer data. How can we enforce privacy by design culture?”

Gain complete visibility and control over data governance

Streamlines governance and makes data accessible to the people who need it


Single Pane View of all
Data Assets

Gain intelligence on what type of data you hold. We identify over 100 different personal data types. We use column names, sampling techniques and contextual information to identify data types.


Write Policies Once and Enforce Continuously

Automate governance with flexible company-wide policies. As your business evolves and you induct new data sources, the existing policies can automatically govern the data.


Unlock Your Data

Faster data flow can transform your company. Our solution eliminates many manual approval, verification and data processing steps. By automating governance, oneDPO enables faster data flow.

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Key features

Manage broader security and granular governance across the enterprise

Data Map – Catalog and Intelligence

Gain visibility into your data – data inventory, type of content, lineage, and relevant policies associated with the data. oneDPO catalogs and maintains a detailed intelligence on your data

Policy Authoring

Create and update data governance policies as your company and regulatory requirements evolve


Automatically scans and updates the changes in data structures, data content, and usage

Streamlined Request Workflows

Set up a process to collect, review, approve and expire data access requests. Improve efficiency by enabling data flow and removing internal process obstacles

Integrates with Enterprise Infrastructure

Run on-premises or on the cloud. Integrate with other internal systems (e.g. Active Directory) and data sources


Monitor potential compliance violations. Maintain proper audit trail and reports for auditing

De-identification – Granular Masking

Mask personal data at the run time. Apply masking at the cell level. Reduces risk of breach and data loss


Identify privacy risks at the global and individual data source level. Reduce your risk exposure by auto expiring access policies  

Scalable Architecture

Simple to add, remove and modify users, data sources, and data patterns.  Extensible to accommodate new regulations

Data Subject Requests (DSAR) Workflows

Use prebuilt process workflows to capture and process data subject requests. Assign tasks and collect data across the company.

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Process tools will hinder your agility. oneDPO can help

Businesses create value from growing volumes of data but security threats, data residency, and privacy issues continue to increase risks and liabilities. Adding more processes won’t help you be more compliant; you need privacy engineering. 


Govern any data access and sharing

oneDPO streamlines complex processes needed to manage data requests and approvals across any organization. oneDPO offers a request management portal, workflows, and approval processes to orchestrate data access requests. We enable you to discover better and the information that is needed to address the requests.

Data Subject Requests

Receive Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs) through a web form, assign work items, securely transmit the data back to the data subjects, and maintain records for regulators.


Internal Data Requests

oneDPO gives you complete visibility into how and where requests are processed. You can ensure the right people are working on the right tasks to meet deadlines.


Sharing with Partners

Manage all sharing with partners in a centralized system, streamlining all the activities around the data.
Generate the proper record for regulators in case of an audit.


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