Prevent Data Breaches and Privacy Violations!

We apply AI and privacy engineering to discover your riskiest data and processing activities

Discover personal data and processing activities

Locate all your data and data processing activities across the cloud and on-premises. OneDPO looks through thousands of data assets and millions of activities to surface personal data and data protection issues.


Identify breach risks and privacy issues

Continuously monitors data lakes to identify data protection risks. Prioritizes data protection risks based on likelihood and impact


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Offers more than data discovery

OneDPO goes beyond data discovery. It automatically identifies critical data protection issues such as cross-border activities, breach risks

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Identify cross-border activities

OneDPO automatically flags cross-border activities based on the geography of the data subject and location of the processing activities.


Prevent data privacy issues before they happen

oneDPO ranks your privacy risks across various assets, activities, and users. Instead of spreading your budget, you can focus on the top risks.


How can we help you reduce breach risks?

Automate Compliance Requirements

On-demand DPIA

Builds a map of sensitive data and risks across data sources. Generate data protection impact assessment for data sources on-demand

On-demand ROPA (GDPR article 30)

Drill down to individual activities to audit. Produce records of processing activities for regulators and internal auditors.

Additional Features

Data Inventory / Catalog

Gain visibility into your data and who is using the data. More importantly, the purpose for which the data is being used.

Continuous Assessment

Automatically scans and updates the changes in data structures, data content, and usage. Our solution continuously estimates risk and surfaces issues

Quantify Risks

We compute a risk score that quantifies the risks in your data. Use the risk score to track your progress towards lowering your company’s privacy risks.

Uncover Risks

Identify privacy risks at various levels – from global data source level to individual data processing activity. 


Monitor potential compliance violations. oneDPO maintains a proper audit trail, processing activities, and reports for auditing. 

Identify Data Owners

Identifying the right owner for data assets is a complex task. In many cases, it takes months to map data owners. We use AI to identify the right owner faster.

Compliance Reports

Provides on-demand reports to meet your GDPR and CCPA compliance requirements

Data Minimization

Delivers insights on unused data assets that could be archived or deleted. Improves your risk posture

Access Privileges

Lists all the users who have wide access privileges. Classifies data use into various risk categories based on the level of exposure

Minutes to Deploy

Simple to add, remove, and modify data sources. You can easily add or remove our solution from your infrastructure.


Runs a lightweight process to read metadata and logs. It neither impacts performance nor hinders regular data use.

Integrates with Enterprise Infrastructure

Runs on-premises or on the cloud. Integrate with other internal systems (e.g., Active Directory) and data sources 

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