Improve your data security and privacy posture by 100x 

Data protection like no other, we unlock data!

Privacy laws (GDPR, CCPA, etc.) and data breaches have made protecting data technically complex. Additionally, data protection is organizationally challenging – data engineers wish to unlock more data while security/privacy teams want to lock the data. Our solution brings AI and privacy engineering to tackle both technical and organizational challenges.

We locate problems and recommend actions to improve your data security posture …

Get visibility

Know what personal/sensitive data your business holds, who has access to it and who is using it.

Find top data protection issues 

Don’t try to boil the ocean. Discover breach risks and data privacy issues that matter.

Remove unused access

Find inactive excessive user access that could lead to breaches.

 … and help data engineers to utilize data more and demonstrate better ROI.

Unlock data

Locate relevant and popular data faster. Unlock hidden data.

No agents, no change in user habits

Easy to deploy and maintain. Our solution neither runs agents nor interferes with data flows and user actions.

Reduce costs

Minimize stale data. Dramatically reduce storage, compute, and compliance costs.

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Reimagining Data Protection

Current data mapping tools create noise, not actionable insights. To deliver meaningful impact (100x) on your organization’s data security posture, we’ve reimagined data protection from the ground up. 

Analyze context 

We determine data protection risks by analyzing the data (WHAT), user activities (HOW), and access controls (WHO).

Focus on disproportionate risks

We apply AI and privacy engineering to prioritize top issues that can lead to major breaches or violations.

Apply data intelligence

Our platform understands your data environment and identifies ways to reduce your data protection risks.


Only a tiny 1% portion of data and activities pose 90% of the privacy issues and breach risks. We apply artificial intelligence and privacy engineering to uncover issues in any complex data environment. We simplify your effort by precisely locating the important problems.

Get visibility across data sources

Our solution gives complete visibility into what personal data your organization holds, who has access to it, and who is using it. We highlight personal data, insider risks, breach risks and privacy violations.

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Minimize stale data and unused access

Automatically identifies unused data that can be deleted or minimized. Finds inactive user accounts or accounts with excessive unused access that are more vulnerable to breaches.

Cost savings pays for the product

Dramatically reduce storage, compute, and compliance costs. In addition to improving security, our customers realize savings that are 2-3x the price of our product.


Microsoft Azure Cloud Solution Provider

Inducted to National Center of Excellence

Finalist – The Most Innovative Product 2020

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